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  • How does pricing work?
    Our FLYT movers start a timer when they arrive at your provided address and stop it as soon as they’re done working. You’re only charged the hourly rate by the amount of time you used Please note, due to drastic increases in fuel and labor costs, a one time travel fee may apply to your total bill. Once 30 minutes have elapsed you will be charged for the full hour After 6 hours of work have elapsed our crews can take a 30 minute break which is included in the final bill Don't worry, we don't believe in hidden fees, we also DON'T CHARGE any extra fees for mileage, assembly/disassembly, and or stairs.
  • How long is my move going to take?
    Although every job is unique, averages from our previous customers are the following: Common time delays: Long distance pathways from door to truck Limited elevator or stair access Excess un-packed items Inclement weather Excessive clutter throughout job site Tips that will save you time: Assure clear unobstructed pathways Reserve elevators and truck parking zones Limit number of miscellaneous unpacked items Get rid of items you don't need
  • What equipment is provided within the base fee?
    We provide everything including furniture pads, straps, furniture plastic wrap, various dollies and anything else that would be required to get your job done. *Any specific equipment can be provided at the customer's request*
  • Do you have a minimum amount of service hours?
    Yes, our minimum is 3 hours for our crews to be dispatched out to you.
  • Is FLYT Insured?
    Yes! FLYT is fully insured authorized to operate. Proof of insurance can be provided on request. DOT NO: 3413348
  • Can you assemble/disassemble my furniture?
    Yes, absolutely! Furniture assembly/disassembly is included in all service packages
  • What is included in your labor only service?
    The Labor Only rate applies to loading, unloading, or both. It also includes dollies and basic tools for furniture assembly!
  • Do you charge for additional stops?
    NOPE! We do not charge any additional fees for extra stops to your destination.
  • How do I pay for my move?
    We accept all major credit cards, Zelle™, and cash. *Please note a 3.5% processing fee is assessed when paying with card* We do not accept checks. You will be asked to place a $50 deposit at the time of your booking On the day of the move, you will be billed for the remaining balance upon your approval. Your $50 deposit is deducted from your final price at the time of payment!
  • Do you charge a cancellation or rescheduling fee?
    Yes, we do charge a cancellation fee for any job that is cancelled within 24 hours of the job date. In this case the customer's deposit will not be returned. We do not charge any rescheduling fee, however we kindly ask our customers to let us know in advance regarding any changes to the job schedule.
  • What happens when your team comes into my home or office?
    When our team arrives at your provided address, our Crew Lead will conduct an initial walk through of the property with you to confirm the job is as described during the booking process. Once this step is taken care of the crew lead will ask for your signature on your contract in order to officially begin the process. Sit back & enjoy your stress free SIMPLE move.
  • Do you work in inclement weather?
    Yes, we do work in inclement weather, however in order to insure the safety of everyone involved we reserve the right to postpone a job if the circumstances require it.
  • What happens if my item is damaged during the move?
    FLYT offers limited reinbursement for items damaged during moving and transit, the policy for which is explained in our Service Contract. In the case of such an accident occuring, FLYT will make every attempt to honor our Above and Beyond Guarantee to ensure our customers satisfaction.
  • How do I tip for a job well done?
    The easiest way to tip our amazing crews is with cash.
  • What do I do if something was damaged or lost during my move?
    We strive to take care of our customers belongings at every step of the moving process. However sometimes accidents do unfortunately occur. Please notify FLYT moving staff as soon as possible about any issues or concerns so that they can be reported and addressed correctly. It is apart of our policy to make sure our customer's issues are taken care of and resolved in a fair and timely manner. Therefore, if such an incident were to occur, please visit our website and submit a claim using the support tab.
  • How are settlements determined?
    FLYT resolves claims in accordance with our FLYT Damage Protection Policy. Under this policy, you may be eligible to recover damages to your personal property at a rate of 60 cents (0.60) per pound per item damaged. In some cases FLYT will cover or reinburse the total assessed value of an item lost or damaged varying on a case by case basis. For any specfic questions or concerns please contact us at
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