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Whether moving down the street, across states, or to a new home or office building, we’re here to help make it as SIMPLE as possible.


Customer Referral Rating


Average Customer Rating 


Professionally Trained Movers 


Labor Only (No truck) 

       $99 /hr

  • 2 FLYT Movers

  • Loading + unloading labor

  • Tools + moving supplies

  • Furniture assembly

Full Service 


  • 2 FLYT Movers

  • Loading + unloading labor

  • Tools + moving supplies

  • Furniture assembly

FLYT First Class
4 (1).png

$199 /hr

  • 4+ FLYT Movers

  • FLYT Concierge

  • FLYT Full Service

  • Packing + unpacking

Moving the Modern Way 

Booking a move with FLYT is a breeze. We make our booking process and pricing as transparent and simple as possible. Just follow this 4 step process and then sit back, relax, and let our specialists do what they do best!


Every move is unique, tell us about yours!

STEP 1: Based on our provided estimates calculate your approximate moving cost using our Instant Quote Calculator 

*We provide pricing in the very first step to increase transparency, with FLYT you know our pricing the moment you click on our site!

STEP 2: Once you've received your quote, click the Book Online button located at the top of your screen and choose a service tier as well as a date of service 

STEP 3: Enter your personal information and payment information for the $50 deposit

STEP 4: Receive your confirmation; sit back, relax, and watch your move take FLYT

FLYT makes it easy to estimate your move based on these general timelines gathered from our previous customers!

Size of Home/ Square Footage  

Number of Movers

Number of Hours

1-2 Bedrooms

(700-1200 SqFt)

2-3 Bedrooms

(1100-1600 SqFt)

3-4 Bedrooms

(1500-2200 SqFt)

4+ Bedrooms

(2,400-3500 + SqFt)

2 Movers

3 Movers

3 Movers

3-5 Hours

3-4 Hours

5-7 Hours

4 Movers

7-8 Hours

4 Movers

8-10+ Hours

Moving Company

"I have hated the moving process in the past and was nervous about moving again. FLYT was recommended to me by a friend. The online booking was super easy and convenient. They did everything they could to alleviate the stress of moving and made it much easier than the last time. Thanks again"


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